How Does It Work?

Shadow is a retractable charging cable, that attaches to your phone. The cable is inside the sleek designed case, simply pull the cable to extend from its case, plug in and start charging. When done, give it a pull and the cable retracts effortless back into its case. The convenience of always having your charging cable, will make you wonder how you managed without it. Available in different colours, comes with a ring holder and phone stand.

Always Have Your Charger

Stop the frustration of leaving and losing your charger.


Shadow is compatible with both Apple and Androids Devices

Shadow Features

3ft Retractable Charging Cable, Metal Car Mounting Plate, Ring Holder, Horizontal and Vertical Phone Stand.

Designed For Your Convenience

The 3ft retractable cable, built inside the durable case, keeps your charger where you will always have it.

"Total Game Changer"

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the Shadow stay attached to the phone?

Shadow comes with a strong gel adhesive to keep it secured to your phone. The Gel adhesive is also easy to remove without damaging the surface to where it's attached.

Does Shadow work with all types of phones?

Shadow works with all brands of phone that uses a USB-C or a Lighting connector. This includes brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, Huawei and LG

What is the charging speed of Shadow like compared to a traditional charger?

The charging speed of Shadow is similar to the typical charging cable that comes with your phone.

Is the Shadow easy to set up and use?

Shadow is extremely easy to set-up and use. Simply follow the instructions to easily attach it to your phone case, open the cable door and pull out the retractable cable…and start charging.

Are there any additional features or benefits that come with the charger?

Yes, Shadow comes with a ring grip that doubles as a horizontal phone stand, a metal plate to use with magnetic car mounts.  

Can Shadow be used to charge other devices besides my phone?

Yes, Shadow can be used with other devices such as Tablets, Air pods, iPads almost all devices that use USB-C or Lightning charging ports.

How long does it take to fully charge my phone using the charger?

The charging speed of Shadow is similar to the typical charging cable that comes with your phone. Approximately 2-3 hours depending on the output power of your charging block.

Can I use the phone while it's charging with Shadow, or do I have to wait until it's fully charged?

Yes, you can use the phone while it's charging. One of the advantages of having a charger with your phone on the go is to be able to use it while it's charging.

What is the length of the cable when it's fully extended?

Shadow fully extended is 33 inches, however in typical daily use it is recommended to use it at 75% of its length to reduce accidental pulling the cable beyond its limit.

How easy is it to retract the cable, and does it require any special techniques?

The retraction system is smooth and easy to use, it effortlessly pulls out and retracts back into its case.

Can the charging cable be used for data transfer as well as charging, or is it only for charging?

To keep Shadow thin while getting the maximum length we traded transfer capabilities to keep the device as thin and sleek as possible.

How durable is the cable, and how many times can it be extended and retracted before it wears out?

Shadow is built tough for everyday use, the cable although very thin, can be pulled hundreds  times.