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Hello, thank you for your interest in partnering with us. My name is Rolston Chris Clarke, founder of ShadowXS. The information below outlines how to become an affiliate or distributor with ShadowXS and if interested how to get started:

Here are some reasons and stats as to why you should join us in this amazing opportunity:

  1. There are 3.5 billion cell phone users in the world, they all need a charger and all know the frustration of not having it when and where they need it.
  2. Our online market research campaign done through Facebook and TicTok so far has impressive performance results, with a high click through and conversion rates telling us the product is well liked and there’s a lot of interest in Shadow.
  3. Shadow is compatible for all versions of iPhone and Android phone models. Its compatible to charge most phones, tablets and even wireless earphones.
  4. Our utility Patent protects our product from others copying the idea of a phone mounted charging cable. This creates an opportunity of market dominance for this product.
  5. A similar product like Shadow is the Pop Socket, check out their story here of how they started from nothing just a few years ago, to an over $200 million company today and how their partners benefited from their explosive growth.
  6. In addition to the retractable charging cable, Shadow also has other practical and useful features for everyday use. A ring grip, metal plate for magnetic car mounts, a landscape and portrait phone stand.
  7. It’s great for when you’re at work, in your car, at a friend’s home, when you travel and so many scenarios where you may need a charger.
  8. Business development and support: the knowledge we gain through our online campaign we will share to better support your sales. 

Here are the two options to choose from:

1. The first opportunity is to become an affiliate with ShadowXS. This simply means you can help us spread the word about Shadow and in return we pay you. It’s really simple, we provide a unique link for you to our site, it keeps track of anyone you refer to our site. If they visit and purchase a product through our site you will receive compensation for the referral. To join our affiliate program, click here.
2. The second opportunity is to become an independent distributor. As a distributor you will receive Shadow at our wholesale price, to sell directly to customers. This is a perfect opportunity for retailers, online stores, corporate branding suppliers, etc. If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact me directly by email for our wholesale quantities and price list at  


Join us today as an affiliate or distributor to share Shadow with the billions of cell phone users out there, so they will never be left charger less again.