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Our Inspiration

Camille Clarke

The idea for Shadow was born when its founder, Rolston, encountered a predicament while his wife, Camille Clarke, was sick.

While at work, Rolston's phone ran out of battery power, and he did not have his charger with him. He worried his wife would not be able to reach him if needed. To avoid the anxiousness of such a situation in the future, he resolved to find a solution that would help him keep his charger with him at all times. 

It's clear that Camille played a significant role in the creation of Shadow, and it's the beautiful memory of her that continues to inspire the team behind the product. It's often these personal experiences that lead to some of the most innovative and useful solutions, and it's clear that Shadow has the potential to make a difference in the lives of many people who rely on their devices to stay connected.


Founder - Rolston Chris Clarke

Experienced in operations management at on of Canada's largest telecommunications company is instrumental in building and managing and developing the Shadow Accessories brand.


Marketing - Romiel Clarke

A marketing expert at Inteli-marketing for the past two years. Graduated from the University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science - HBSc. Neuroscience and Psychology. York University - Post-Graduate Certificate, in Digital & Content Marketing.